Health and Safety – Brief outline

By attending a course at CPSC you agree to abide by our Health and Safety Policy. The course tutor will highlight the most important parts of the policy whilst introducing you to the workshop and its equipment, the full document is available in the Health and Safety folder in the studio. Participants that do not act safely and responsibly within the workshop will be asked to leave. Please note: Belongings are left in the studio at the participants own risk. This includes any work you leave in the studio after a course.

1. Conduct

CPSC feels it is very important that there is a positive, supportive and respectful working environment for everyone in the studio. Please be mindful and sensitive to the needs, experiences and views of others and to the use of the presses, space and materials. CPSC will not tolerate any language or behaviours that are offensive, intimidating or violent towards any person in the studio.

2. Safeguarding

All the staff at CPSC have full DBS checks. Our Safeguarding Policy and procedures are reviewed annually by Trustees and hard copies are available should you wish to view.

3. Accessibility

If you have any particular requirements or if you need to bring a carer with you, please let us know. The studio is all on ground level and is fully accessible but, we would advise you to contact us beforehand with any particular access needs.

We have a large car park, there is a ramp down from the car park as well as pedestrian steps. We have 2 disabled Parking Bays adjacent to the studio, if you require the use of one of these bays please let us know beforehand and we will ensure the space is available for you.

4. Hygiene

We advise all attendees to practice safe hygiene measures including:

  • Thoroughly washing hands regularly
  • Using the hand sanitizer provided
  • Sneezing into tissues followed by immediate and appropriate disposal

5. Attending the studio

Fire evacuation procedures will be included in the H & S briefing by your tutor at the beginning of your studio session. Please ensure you listen carefully and adhere to the procedure should the need arise.

Please follow advice given by tutors regarding any equipment, solvents or chemicals used during your time in the studio. This includes wearing or using appropriate PPE. COSHH sheets detailing chemicals in use in the Study Centre, are available adjacent to the First Aid kit in the Study Centre technician office in Studio 2.

Tools with sharp edges or points are dangerous unless handled correctly. ALWAYS handle cutting and scribing tools in the way demonstrated to you by your tutor.

Tutors are First Aid Trained, please let them know if you require any first aid assistance. If you have any health issues that we should be aware of, please inform us before attending the studio.

What you will need

We will provide all the materials needed for your course, however, feel free to bring your own and make sure to wear comfortable, safe clothing and footwear that you don’t mind getting inky! No high heels please. If you are required to prepare anything before your course, the tutor will send you information and guidance on what to bring. You are welcome to bring along any personal drawing materials and it is always useful to have sketch books, photographs and ideas to use as starting points and inspiration for your prints. Please bring a folder with you to take your prints home.

Please wear old and comfortable clothing as inks can be difficult to remove from fabrics, or bring an apron to protect your clothing.

Coffee and tea facilities will be available, but please bring lunch and any other refreshments you may need during your time in the studio.

We will provide one pair of vinyl gloves per person per day. Additional pairs can be purchased for £0.50 per pair. You can also bring your own of you prefer, or a pair of washing up rubber gloves.

Any person should not come to the studio if they, or the people they live with, have symptoms or test positive for Covid-19. We ask all attendees to act in line with government advice regarding Covid-19 in all other respects.

6. Illness during a course

Should any attendees feel unwell during a course at CPSC they should:

  • Notify a member of staff immediately.
  • In the case of Covid-19 please follow advice from Public Health England

7. Cancellation

If more than 20 working days before course date our normal cancellation policy applies offering a refund less £15 admin fee or a transfer to another course. If within 20 working days of a course start date you wish to cancel a course no refund will be given, however if due to Covid-19 we will offer a transfer to another course. Should we cancel the course the customer can choose a full refund or transfer to another course.

8. COVID-19 Policy

We will continue to operate in a safe environment for artists and Tutors and provide appropriate information for attendees prior to attending the studio and within the initial Health & Safety briefing for attendees and those working at CPSC.

Currently, we no longer require the wearing of face masks in the studio in line with government advice, however, attendees may wear masks if they would like to do so. We are implementing appropriate health and safety precautions to demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our attendees and all those working at CPSC. We will continue to operate within government guidelines and follow their advice, continuously monitoring the situation and will make changes if necessary.

9. Covid-19 Cancellation Policy for Schools

If due to government guidelines you are unable to proceed with the booking; lockdown is imposed on us or with you at school, or there is an outbreak of Covid in school or here and either of us as an organisation is advised to close by PHE, then the booking can be re arranged for another date within same academic year without any financial penalty.