Our Future - is in your hands

Sep 14, 2020

Stanley Jones founded the Curwen Print Study Centre in the 1990’s and he is determined that we secure its future for generations to come.

To continue to meet our mission and to allow much needed expansion, we have identified new premises at Great Thurlow just 10 a minute drive from here. The cost of converting the barn will be mainly met by The Thurlow Estate. However, we need to raise £250,000 to fine tune both studios, fit out the gallery space, buy additional equipment, pay for moving costs and to assist paying rent whilst we establish ourselves in our new location.

We aim to be self-funding within 3 years with income gained by adding studio 2.

It is vital that we preserve the legacy of fine art printmaking for the next 25 years at Great Thurlow and beyond. We need your help to achieve this aim – please make your mark by donating using the button at the bottom of the page.

The Curwen history dates back to 1863 when it was established by the Reverend John Curwen in Plaistow East London. Stanley was responsible for establishing the relationship between Curwen and the Artist’s own involvement in printmaking in the UK in the 1950s.
In support of that history we own a unique collection of prints by leading artist and supporting document archive dating from the early 20th century to the present day. Part of the early archive is held by The Tate Gallery. The move will allow space to display our Print Archive and make it available to the public.

The move to new premises will allow us to expand and improve the reach of the current work of the Curwen Print Study Centre by creating a Centre for Printmaking Excellence.

Thank you so much for thinking about how you can help our special appeal and, hopefully, for joining us on this latest adventure. Please do contact us by email at makeyourmark@curwenprintstudy.co.uk if you would like more information, have any fundraising contacts or ideas. And please tell your friends about our appeal if you think they might be able to help us.