Jacqueline Sugden rediscovering old and learning new skills

May 02, 2020

"Aside from gardening and tackling endless DIY jobs I have been using my time, to FINALLY tackle some much overdue home etching - I had materials purchased 3 years ago that had never been touched! Anyway, using the notes from Lisa and David’s’ (CPSC Tutors) courses I got through the process. Soft etchings using various items gathered through the usual Spring pruning, and dead hedgerow materials taken from the field edges whilst wandering with my dogs.

Doing something more sculptural plate-wise this week..... (I’ve developed a new technique making collagraph landscape prints using tiling cement and fabrics - the plates are beautiful themselves so I end up inking them up and framing for sale as well as the prints) They don’t really look as nice in the photo - you can’t really see the heavy textures and the contrasts of the metallic relief areas next to the carved more matt bits.'