Charles Shearer - Life in London

Apr 24, 2020

"I can imagine the workshop and the Spring sunshine and machines resting. Thank you for sharing some of what you and others are doing at this moment and the opportunity to share at this time of restriction and isolation. I have some work at Solent University with a group of first and second year students... responding to the project work put up by them - deadlines have all been set back so there is time. I am happy to see anything they might put up, just something to talk about... I mean type about... and have some dialogue. I would love to be able to include all manner of inspiring stuff along with my typed responses... though I am able to send that information separately so not all is lost...

On the other hand I have yet to get any printmaking underway here at my place in London. I will though share the last drawings I did at London Zoo before it closed (more available on CPSC Facebook).
Oh I do miss my drawing days there... though I do still cycle up to peer in at the gibbons and camels and goats from the perimeter fence. I wonder what it must be like for them looking out into empty and silent pathways......."

All being well Charles will be back teaching in the studio again in September this year.