The Curwen and Stowe - 20 Years

Oct 11, 2019

In celebration of the 20 Year association between Stowe School and Curwen an exhibition featuring prints from The Curwen Archive is on display in Watson School of Art at Stowe School. The prints have been loaned to Stowe for this exhibition which lasts until 15 November. It can be viewed by appointment only by contacting
The exhibition features Lithographic prints produced under the Direction of Stanley Jones MBE from Paula Rego DBE RA, Paul Hogarth RA, David Gentleman, John Bellany RA, Josef Herman RA, Bernard Dunstan RA, Alison Wilding RA, Philip Sutton RA, Anthony Green RA and Mary Cozens Walker RA to name a few....

Stanley Jones MBE and the late Sam Alper OBE set up The Curwen Print Scholarship at Stowe - a Lower 6th prize which allows two exceptional Stowe Students - Stoics - to work in the Curwen print studio for 4 days under the guidance of exceptional Tutors and technicians. It is a tradition that allows them to follow in the footsteps of the Artists whose work is on display in this exhibition. It is a tradition of which the Curwen is proud and keen to uphold.