Stowe School Bursary

Jun 21, 2018

Two Sixth Form Students, Una and Estelle, spent 4 days in the studio working with different Artist Printmakers experimenting with a variety of techniques. They have both shared their thoughts on the experience:

"I loved being able to combine my A-level chosen topic of spirals to the many techniques available in the workshop. Choosing to look at spirals in more of a natural form I decided to explore foods. Using the drypoint needle to scratch into the plastic plate and push the ink into the grooves created by the needle was very time consuming. I learnt how to create different densities in certain areas, how to combine a different colour over the top and how to re arrange the acetate image. It was an amazing experience to visit the Genome Centre where we were able to combine Science and Art; looking at the arrangement of body cells and then experimenting with Cardboard Cut print technique. I created an abstract cell, that could be interpreted as a skyscraper building. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Curwen and look forward to continuing with the methods I learnt back at school." Una

"My time at the Curwen Printing Centre was an amazing experience. I feel that it greatly enabled me to explore in more depth my A-level topic of surfaces and texture by using different techniques to create a large amount of work. I am now able to reflect on my work that I have put together at school and bring it all together in my sketchbook and for my portfolio. Our visit to the Genome Centre allowed us to combine Art and Science together. We looked into the structure of cells and how we were able to use a layering technique of multiple colours in order to give our cardboard prints more depth and accentuate the different lines that were previously cut. I really enjoyed my time at the Curwen centre and I would like to thank the whole team at Curwen and Stowe for allowing me to take part at this course which has taught me skills that I will not forget. " Estelle