Great Printmaking Experience for Bursary Students from Stephen Perse Foundation Sixth Form

Jan 23, 2018

Annabel Rogers and Rebecca Sheng from Stephen Perse Sixth Form spent five days in the studio learning some new printmaking skills such as working with the Letterpress and experimenting with the Offset Lithographic Press, creating some fabulous work. This is what they have to say about their time with us ...

"Our time at Curwen was incredibly fun and enriching. My favourite part was using the big offset litho press (which I really enjoyed, but was very tiring), and combining all the techniques we learnt. This experience was very valuable as we learnt techniques in drypoint etching, lino cutting, monoprinting, and screen printing. The letterpress was also very rewarding as we could create our own slogans and experiment with applying different inks and layering it on top of previous prints we’d made; it was also very interesting to learn about the technical side of it, applying problem-solving skills to position the letters with ‘furniture'. It was a very valuable experience for us to both enhance our portfolios and also allow us to be more creative with techniques, rather than simply painting or drawing all the time. The sheer volume of work we produced can deepen our understanding of art and also allow us to explore our current projects further, as we created prints based on themes of our own."

Annabel and Rebecca

Annabel and Rebecca were a pleasure to work with and they should be really proud of what they achieved. We wish them much success in the future.