Own a Mary Fedden RA - A Unique Story

Dec 20, 2017

Mary Fedden OBE was a British artist born in Bristol in 1915 who always wanted to be an artist. It was while she was at the Slade she met printmaker and painter Julian Trevelyan.

They married in 1951 and she lived with him in his studio and home near Hammersmith Bridge overlooking the Thames. From 1956 to 1964 she taught at the Royal College of Art, where she was the first female tutor, and where her pupils included David Hockney and Allen Jones. From 1964 to 1974 she taught at the Yehudi Menuhin school.
Julian Trevelyan was her critic and best friend and it was a huge loss when he died in 1988 but she continued to paint remaining highly productive until her death aged 96 in 2012.

Stanley Jones first met Mary Fedden through Julian Trevelyan and his printmaking in London in the early 1960’s. The meeting led to a lifelong friendship that lasted beyond Julians death. Mary was a supporter of Stanleys wish to create a centre of excellence and learning for printmaking and she had offered to donate a painting to the Curwen Print Study Centre.
On 18 May 2010 Stanley and I were invited to her studio for coffee and a “chat” so she could hear all our news. We arrived outside the blue door which faced the street - we were let in by the housekeeper and entered an enchanting world. The studio was large and filled with paintings Mary had produced including that which she had been working on that morning. Mary said it was her painting that gave her purpose in life - it was her passion. The smell of the paint was intoxicating and the door was open onto the garden which overlooked the Thames. It was a welcoming place filled with warmth and sunlight.

Mary and Stanley sat together on a small settee in the studio she holding his hand delighted to have her old friend with her. They reminisced about Julian and memories of Paris and times gone by. It was very special to have the opportunity to listen to their stories and share our news and plans for the future of the Study Centre. Mary was an entrancing person who focused on you completely whilst you were talking. At one point while I was speaking to her she lent very close to me holding my hands firmly in hers and staring deeply into my eyes “I love the colour of your eyes ... so perfectly blue ... I must remember .... “. It seemed an age that she was looking straight into my eyes but then as quickly she returned to Stanley.

Mary selected a painting that she wanted us to have so that we may use it to raise funds for the development of The Curwen Print Study Centre and it is that painting that she gifted to us in 2010 that we now wish to sell.

If you are interested in owning a unique painting please contact us £POA.

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