3 Days with Stanley Jones by Justin Sanders

Aug 22, 2017

Part of my staff development, for 2017, was to spend 3 days with Stanley Jones at the Curwen Print Study Centre.

During my time with the "print legend", we talked about lithography - and much more. Over the 3 days we experimented, trying new ways of creating imagery - all on stone. Stanley may be in his eighties and one of the foremost lithographers in the world - but his energy and enthusiasm seems undimmed. He is still experimenting and interested in discovering new ways to manipulate what happens when you combine oil/grease, limestone and ink… and that in itself is hugely inspiring for me. I learnt so much, almost “by osmosis”. Different grains in the stones, finishes, etches, tusches inks, papers, photo litho - pushing the process in new directions. The subtleties and nuances possible with the technique are endless and fascinating.

It was a wonderful experience, working with Stanley - who's knowledge of lithography, willingness to share ideas and try new ways of working traditional technologies, is something I'll never forget. I became a student again and it gave me insight into what I can go on to do in my career, to become a better teacher.

If there is an opportunity to work with him again, I'd jump at the chance.

I was made so welcome by Lorraine and Anne at the Curwen Print study centre, it was like I was one of the team when I was there and I enjoyed every minute. The facilities are excellent and I met other, like-minded artists and enjoyed discussing printmaking with them.

Justin Sanders
Birmingham City University