Understanding Toxicology - Science & Art Collaboration at MRC Toxicology Unit in Cambridge

Mar 13, 2024

A rare opportunity to visit and learn about research happening at the MRC Toxicology Unit in Cambridge, and explore related images with a series of one day printmaking workshops throughout 2024.
The unit is a leading international research institute based in Cambridge. Their mission is to carry out pioneering research and understand the links between exposure to various chemicals, toxins and pharmaceutical agents and how they cause toxicity in the human body. By determining any risks to health from drug and environmental exposures, they aim to improve health by making our medicines and environment safer. The Unit was established in 1947 and relocated to Cambridge in 2020.
We will be delivering 5 different print workshops linked to different research aspects of MRC work. Each workshop will include a talk by a different researcher, a tour of the toxicology unit, and hands on print sessions led by Charlotte Aldis and Patsy Rathbone from the Curwen Print Study Centre covering 5 different print skills.
It will be an exciting opportunity to combine Art & Science - learning new skills alongside understanding the important role MRC plays in improving health and the environment.