Stowe Bursary students first visit to our new studios

Jul 14, 2022

Stowe students Liv Scott-Copley and Ella Grey joined us in our new studios for their 4 days of Fine Art Printmaking Bursary. They worked hard over the four days, working with specialist Tuors in Silk Screen Printing, Dry Point, Woodcut, Collagraph and used the Offset Lithography Press to create large Monoprints. The results really showed all their efforts and they both created some fantastic and very creative prints.

Ella and Liv were open to discussing how to express themes and concepts via the medium of printmaking and swiftly got to work on design ideas.  They created successful hybrid prints by combining techniques, used Chine Colle to good effect creating some dramatic imagery, and experimented with layering and repeat prints.  One idea led to another, and our tutors were impressed with how quickly new techniques were grasped and incorporated, and these new skills used to develop their images.  Ella and Liv both left the studio on the final day of the bursary with a large portfolio of newly created prints they could be proud of.

"Both girls were a delight to have in the studio, and as ever, a credit to Stowe.  All four tutors who worked with them said how well they worked and how much they achieved over the four days. Congratulations to Ella and Liv on their artistic and printmaking achievements during the bursary." - Lorraine Chitson - Centre Director