Stowe Students Attend Bursary at Curwen for 4 Days

Jun 18, 2021

Stowe students Wednesday Zhu, Lila Rothery, Jet West and Skye Leather joined Curwen Tutors for 4 days of Fine Art Printmaking. They worked with specialist Tuors in Silk Screen Printing, Photo Lithography, Dry Point, Woodcut and used the Offset Lithography Press to create large Monoprints. They all produced some amazing pieces of work and were able to work to a large size which is not always possible in class.

"Once they began to translate their ideas into print, they were eager to experiment and could see the potential of incorporating other techniques. They were very open to suggestions and, because of this, their work evolved considerably during the 4 days of the bursary. They were very well organised and showed persistence and patience when faced with challenges - Skye’s delicate drawings proved tricky to use in screen printing at first, but she got there in the end and the resulting prints were well worth it! Jet’s graphic work was ideally suited to screen printing and after only a few attempts she mastered the technique and became increasingly confident and assured. Lila’s amazing drypoint made a stunning single print and the idea of repeating it using a gradient tone, produced a very accomplished and successful etching - quite haunting and very ethereal. Wednesday made an intricate and highly detailed drypoint, very dreamlike and compelling in its details. She very skilfully used chine colle in these etchings to focus and develop the image giving them spatial depth and creating a powerful composition.They were a pleasure to teach and a credit as always to Stowe." Karina Savage Tutor

I add my Congratulations to achievements attained and all four Tutors enjoyed working with them - Lorraine Chitson - Centre Director

"I would like to say thank you for the amazing trip I had last week. It was such an incredible experience to be working at a studio as good as the Curwen! I know that all 4 of us Stowe students had so much fun." Skye Leather

" Thank you so much for the amazing experience you provided at Curwen Print Study Centre for us all. I thoroughly enjoyed creating prints with the help of all the Tutors and Anne Studio Technician who was amazing at encouraging and helping us, and learning new print techniques every day. I had a great week developing my Portfolio." Lila Rothey

More photos can be found in Gallery at bottom of the Home Page.