Curwen Print Study Centre

COVID-19 Policy

Following Government advice it is no longer mandatory to enforce social distancing or for individuals to wear face masks unless they wish. We are implementing appropriate health and safety precautions to demonstrate our commitment to the safety of our attendees and all those working at CPSC. Our course sizes will remain reduced for the foreseeable future and we will continue to operate with an open door policy to ensure good ventilation. We are continuously monitoring the situation and will make changes if necessary.

Our commitments

Ensuring appropriate preventative measures are in place in the studio. This includes providing anti-bacterial hand wash soap, hand-sanitiser gel and tissues for everyone to use. Attendees may wear masks if they wish. Doors will be open to maintain good ventilation.

Provide appropriate information for attendees prior to attending the studio and within the initial Health & Safety briefing for attendees and those working at CPSC.

Ensuring we have correct contact information for all attendees. This is so that, if required by the relevant authorities, we can provide contact details of all the people who may have had been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 while attending a course or working at CPSC.

1. Hygiene

We will advise all attendees to practice safe hygiene measures including:

  • Avoiding shaking hands or close physical contact with other attendees
  • Thoroughly washing hands regularly
  • Using the hand sanitizer provided
  • Sneezing into tissues followed by immediate and appropriate disposal
  • Staff are cleaning all touch surfaces on a daily basis

2. Attending the studio

Any person should not come to the studio if they, or the people they live with, have symptoms or test positive for Covid-19.
We ask all attendees to act in line with Government advice in all other respects.

  • All small equipment items such as scissors, pencils, rulers etc are now available for you to use in the studio, however, you may bring and use your own if you prefer.
  • We will provide one pair of vinyl gloves per person per day. Additional pairs can be purchased for £0.50 per pair. You can also bring your own of you prefer, or a pair of washing up rubber gloves.
  • A kettle will be available to use for hot drinks but, please bring own mug, spoon, beverage and milk if required.
  • Pleases wear old and comfortable clothing as inks can be difficult to remove from fabrics, you can bring an apron to protect your clothing.
  • In cooler months you may like to bring extra layers to keep warm.

3. During a course

Should any attendees feel unwell during a course at CPSC with Covid-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough & respiratory problems) they should:

  • Notify a member of staff immediately.
  • Follow advice from Public Health England

4. Cancellation

If within 1 month of a course start date you wish to cancel a course due to Covid-19 we will offer a transfer to another course. If more than 1 month before course date our normal cancellation policy applies offering a refund less £15 admin fee or a transfer to another course. Should we cancel the course the customer can choose a full refund or transfer to another course.

5. Covid-19 Cancellation Policy for Schools

If due to Govt Guidelines you are unable to proceed with the booking - lockdown is imposed on us or with you at school or there is an outbreak of Covid in School or here and either of us as an organisation is advised to close by PHE - then the booking can be re arranged for another date within same Academic Year without any financial penalty.