Arrival of new presses in the Studios

Jun 06, 2024

We have just installed three new presses into the studios at Curwen. Two of which belonged to our founder, Stanley Jones. Thanks to the generosity of Stanley's family, and our new Trustee, owner of the Printroom Studio Monica Petzal, we have been able to successfully rehouse these presses in our studios for all to use. Monica generously made a donation to allow us to move the presses and install them by our specialist print engineers here in Great Thurlow.

We were also able to purchase a modern etching press using funds from the sale of two letterpress machines we no longer used. So, the space has been reconfigured and we have an extra etching press and proofing press in open access studio, and a motorised lithography press in the teaching studio. This will make printing stone lithography just a little bit easier! We hope you will come and explore and use the new presses soon.